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Foundational Five Exercises with Core-Tex Sit

The Foundational Five are purposeful movements that you can follow along with to introduce therapeutic movements for your lower back, pelvic floor and hips. Using the patented motion of Core-Tex Sit, Dr. Leeds demonstrates and provides helpful cues for you to get the most benefit from these movements. 

Performing 5-10 repetitions of each movement a few times a day will feel great and counter the effects of hours of still sitting. 

If we want to get the most motion and benefits from our Core-Tex Sit, we know it works best on a flat, firm surface.  But some folks really want to use with their office chair or couches or recliners.  
Did you know that your core needs to be able to work in every direction that you can move your trunk and pelvis? As two independent segments of our body, they sometimes need to move as a team but more often move complimentary and independently to one another. And they do this where we spend 95% of waking hours=vertical to gravity.
A short intro from Core-Tex inventor, Anthony Carey to make sure your Core-Tex Sit experience is successful right from the start!