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women working out with the red Core-Tex Reactive trainer
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Build Agility & Speed

Teach your body to respond quickly to unpredictable demands

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Increase Resiliency

Prevent injuries while training and competing

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Engage Mentally

Stimulate your nervous system to keep workouts feeling fresh

Maximize Gains

Burn more calories with increased physical & mental engagement

Always Engaging. Never the Same.

We all want to get the most out of time spent exercising-maximizing the results and hopefully enjoying the process. One of the most beneficial and overlooked aspects of fitness by both professionals and fitness enthusiasts is reactive training and what it means for fun and results.

Reactive training, by its nature teaches the body to respond to both predictable and unpredictable demands on our body. As a result, our muscles are more engaged, and we are mentally active benefitting the body and the brain. This keeps your workout fresh and continually delivering results.

Reactive Training benefits athletes of all levels, fitness enthusiasts, seniors, and anyone undergoing rehabilitation from sports-related injury.

Core-Tex reactive trainer in home next to a pair of dumbbells

More Efficient Workouts

Added engagement both physically and mentally has an energy cost which means burning more calories! This is essential to get more done in less time, a great thing for a workout! It also means the muscles are challenged in new and different ways, leading to strength gains without beating the body up by constantly repeating the same movement patterns.

Athletic man doing push-up exercise on the red Core-Tex Reactive trainer

Bullet Proof Your Core

Do you want to build a bullet proof core, lower back and joints? Reactive variability challenges your body to get better, stronger and more resilient based on its continually changing motion. You cannot get that from the floor, a bike, or even a dumbbell.

women performing strength building exercise with dumbbell and Core-Tex Reactive Trainer

Freedom To Move

Mobility improvements in minutes? Yes! If you are generally stiff, tight or limited in your flexibility for activities like golf, you will be amazed and how quickly your range of motion can improve and how much better you will feel.

Using rhythmical, oscillating motions to work muscles from all angles you can relax and lengthen in ways you have never experienced. And the results come fast!

No more holding painful stretches or getting into awkward positions. Reactive variability does the work for you, often even better than a therapist can.

Man performing lunge exercise on the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer

Your Body Can Be Programmed

To better understand what reactive training is and how it benefits us, it is helpful to use the computer metaphor. Our muscles and other soft tissue, bones, and joints are the body’s hardware, and the nervous system is the software. Just like a computer, our hardware cannot do anything without the software that assesses the situation and signals the program to run.

Man combing medicine ball workout with the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer
women performing ab exercise using the Core-Tex Fitness Reactive Trainer

The Optimal Reactive Training Environment: Core-Tex

Core-Tex combines razor sharp reaction, metabolic demand, dynamic strength, balance and flexibility into ONE design, creating the optimal training environment. From multi-directional mobility exercises to the most advanced reactive explosive strength, Core-Tex will appeal to everyone.

Core-Tex is the only piece of equipment that will allow you to challenge the body front to back, side to side and with rotation - all at the same time. This challenges the muscles in new ways giving the body a better overall workout.

The body reacts and responds for an amazing workout that is always engaging and never the same. Core-Tex was specifically designed to provide a multi-dimensional reactive training challenge.

Core-Tex is the ONLY product on market that tilts, translates, and rotates in an unrestricted 360 degrees, which means that the combination of these three movements allows for an almost infinite number of combinations of movements. The 30" diameter platform is large enough to accommodate various user positions that include standing, sitting, kneeling, quadruped (plus hands-on-floor option), supine or combined with a ground based limb. 

Which Core-Tex Is Right For You?