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Find Your Edge on the Course

Proper biomechanics are essential to achieving your best golf swing.

The patented motion of Core-Tex improves your range of motion while strengthening your swing power in ways you can't get from any other product. 

Move Better, Swing Better, Live Better

Core-Tex doesn't just correct your swing, it transforms your body's fundamental biomechanics.

Experience the Core-Tex difference and unlock a stronger, more accurate swing that goes hand in hand with a healthier you.

"Using the Core-Tex and its ability to move in all three planes of motion challenges your ability to stabilize and control the hips through a full range of motion."

Titleist Performance Institute Coach Ken Miller demonstrates how he uses Core-Tex to improve his athlete's swing, core strength, and core stability.

Prevent Injuries To Stay In The Game

Insufficient rotational mobility can put stress on other areas of your body, leading to compensatory movements and potential injuries. By improving your rotation mobility with Core-Tex, you can reduce injury risk while creating a more balanced and sustainable swing motion.



Frequently Asked Questions

Core-Tex 360 comes with the base apparatus, the Core-Tex dome platform, and three high-efficiency ball transfers.

Assembly takes less than 2 minutes and no tools are necessary. Just drop the ball transfers into the provided receptacles, place the dome on top and you are ready to go.

The maximum recommended weight limit is 350 lbs.

Very simple but routine maintenance will keep your Core-Tex moving smoothly, extend the life of your ball transfers, dome and minimize the sound produced. Frequency depends on usage, but usually once a month will do. See our maintenance video guide for more information.

Core-Tex 360 weighs around 50 pounds. The platform is 30 inches in diameter and the assembled unit is 7 inches in height. It can be easily dissambled to carry or transport.

When not in use, Core-Tex can easily be stored in space saving fashion. Just place the base against a wall and lean the dome against the base.