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Core-Tex Sit - Frequently Asked Questions

Using Core-Tex Sit

If you are using for active sitting while working, there is no precise time for use.  You will receive benefits if you use as little as 10 minutes per day or for hours at a time.  To watch our videos on our“Foundation Five” movements, click here.

Keep in mind that Core-Tex Sit is a sitting environment that produces beneficial and continual changes in your sitting posture and can be combined with computer work, therapy for the lower back or pelvic floor exercises. 

Just like any activity that uses new muscles, you may want to begin with just a few minutes a day and then build on that as your abdominals, inner core and lower back muscles become stronger.

Core-Tex Sit performs well for users up to 300 lbs. For best results, use on a firm flat chair with feet supported on the floor.

The weight limit is slightly less if you are using Core-Tex Sit on the floor because less body weight is distributed to the legs.

The optimal chair is one with a flat seat (no slope in any direction) and thin seat cushioning. Many dining chairs are perfect for Core-Tex Sit.  Padding is not necessary but can help keep the device fixed on the chair and absorb sound.

Avoid using chairs, couches, etc. with deep and soft padding.  This will interfere with proper motion of your Core-Tex Sit.

Yes, you can use on a chair with wheels, as long as your feet are anchored on the floor or a stool.  

Yes, but the rotational ability of Core-Tex Sit will not be the same because the chair may rotate at the same time. You will still easily be able to benefit from all the other motions of Core-Tex Sit.


Yes, but there is a size limit.  Although the sitting area is only 14”, the buttocks can be larger than that because the “sit” bones are the primary contact point.  For heavier and larger individuals, it is recommended to use Core-Tex Sit with a chair with minimal or no padding. This will prevent Core-TexSit from sinking into the padding and the padding interfering the Core-TexSit’s motion.

Yes.  Use a footstool to allow the feet to be comfortably anchored and sit with body weight centered on Core-Tex Sit.

Yes. That is one of the many benefits of Core-Tex Sit in that you can “rest” in many positions and that you do not have to have your stabilizer muscles constantly working as you do when sitting on a ball or standing.  Even when resting, the rest position you provide variability to your sitting surface that you will not get from a chair. Therefore, it is best to choose different rest positions where Core-TexSit lands during your periodic breaks.

Different people will have different levels of tolerance for how long they sit. Some people prefer to use for 15 minutes every hour and others may sit on it for a few hours at a time.  Although Core-Tex Sit is moving, the contact area between your body and the padding does not change. This can lead to some “fatigue” of the tissue with the most pressure and is easily resolved by standing and taking a break. 

No.  Core-Tex Sit is not designed for standing.  Standing will damage the product and could result in injury.

We do not recommend using while driving as it can affect your timing and accuracy of all the responsibilities of driving and can put yourself at others in danger.

Product Details

14” in diameter and 2.5” tall.

4.5 pounds

No, Core-Tex Sit is ready to use right out of the box!

The only maintenance would be to clean the foam area that you sit on as needed. This can be done with soap and water or a gentle cleaner. Be careful not to scrub too hard or use abrasive cleaners as you may damage the foam.

The Core-Tex Sit weight limit is 300 pounds when used on a chair. The weight limit is slightly less if you are using Core-Tex Sit on the floor because less body weight is distributed to the legs.

Core-tex product dimensions with a weight of 3.5 LBS, 14 inch diameter, and 3 inch height