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A Problem Faced by Millions of Women

Pelvic floor disorder in women is estimated to range between 12% and 42% of the population and symptoms can present as early as age 20. Symptoms include bowel and bladder problems and painful sex in females.

Although more common in females, pelvic floor disorder can affect men too. The incidence of pelvic floor disorder increases with age.

What Are The Causes?

The pelvic floor is made up of a layer of muscles covering the bottom of the pelvis that support the bladder and bowel in men and bladder, bowel and womb in women. The muscles run like a hammock from the front of the pelvis to the tailbone (coccyx) at the back, and side-to-side from one sitting bone to the other.

Just like other muscles in your body, your pelvic floor muscles can get tight, weak, function poorly or can become painful. The ability of the muscles of the pelvic floor to do their jobs properly, directly influences the symptoms associated with pelvic floor disorder and one’s quality of life.

Therapy Using Core-Tex Sit

The subtle dome-shape and density of Core-Tex Sit provides gentle pressure and awareness to the region directly below the pelvic floor (perineum), while at the same time keeping pressure off the tailbone (coccyx). The shape also allows for a gentle spacing of your “sit bones”.

Core-Tex Sit maintains its shape continuously as you move with its patented motion. This provides a unique environment for combining with traditional pelvic floor exercises (e.g. Kegels) and therapeutic awareness and control of multi directional movements of the pelvis, hips and lower back.

Clinical Treatment

Dr. Elizabeth Leeds discusses how she treats patients with postpartum incontinence and lower back pain using Core-Tex Sit.

Recommended by Personal Fitness Professional Magazine

"Core-Tex Sit is such a unique way to engage and strengthen the low backs, hips, core and pelvic floor. I have worked with pre/postnatal clients and trainers for this population and the specific benefits are amazing."

Farel Hruska
Global Fitness Director,

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