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Reactive Training makes your body smarter, achieve more with less joint stress, and stay fully engaged in every workout

You'll never do the same workout twice

Work more efficiently, burn more calories, and fast-track your fitness goals when you add Core-Tex to your workouts.

Unleash your body's full potential: Sculpt your core and target specific muscle groups for rapid toning and strengthening. Core-Tex's unstable reactive platform engages your entire body and maximizes every rep.

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Trusted By Professional Athletes And Trainers Everywhere

Core-Tex Sit

We've taken the principles of Reactive Training and applied them to your chair. Strengthen core muscles and relax your lower back in just a few minutes.

Don't Let Sitting Ruin Your Back


“A unique feature of the Core-Tex that I enjoy the most is its ability to move very freely in the transverse plane. It’s a wonderful tool for simulating a lot of the things our body does when it’s airborne. It’s a great piece of equipment that creates an environment which simulates some really cool bio-mechanical reactions that you just can’t do on any other surface because it’s truly reactive.”

“I absolutely love the Core-Tex. It provides for a unique training environment that my clients and athletes love. You can work complete body strength, mobility exercises, reaction, and work in patterns that are hard to replicate with many other modalities. If you are trying to differentiate yourself from other trainers and offer the latest in training, the Core-Tex is a must tool for your toolbox.”

Todd Durkin

Fitness Quest 10

Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10

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