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Group Fitness

The Next Generation In Group Exercise Is Here

Small Group X: Core-Tex ExPRESS™

Core-Tex leverages ONE piece of equipment to deliver a variety of programs that put gym floor space to work.

Core-Tex ExPRESS™ classes offer an entirely unique, high-intensity, team-oriented workout with reaction-infused strength, explosive metabolic exercises and dynamic flexibility with constant motion. Utilizing the patented movements of the Core-Tex reactive trainer, the Core-Tex ExPRESS™ class works the body from the inside out, with every movement demanding core stability and strength.

Designed around four sections: Mobility, strength, interaction and challenge, participants experience a completely new way to work out for maximum results in 30 minutes or less. This fully engaging, fun and motivating class will leave participants begging for more! 


The Core-Tex ExPRESS™ class is designed around four sections:

MOBILITY: The mobility section preps your body for the rest of the class by preparing the joints and muscles 3 dimensionally. Users are comfortably introduced to the motion and benefits of the Core-Tex.

STRENGTH: The strength section is where you start to sweat! Your Fitness Coach will guide you through 4 - 6 different whole body exercises using the Core-Tex for 30 seconds at a time.

INTERACTION: Partner Interaction is where the fun begins... 5 minutes of whole body exercises with a partner keeps the intensity and engagement of the workout high, but the time flies when you’re having fun!

CHALLENGE:The last section of the class is the Core-Tex Challenge. The exercise is chosen by the instructor each week and it’s your personal challenge to push yourself to your limits.


The Core-Tex is Club Friendly:
  • Easy set up
  • Nearly zero maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Powered by gravity
  • Plug and Play Programming
The Core-Tex Delivers:
  • Group or small group exercise; the Core-Tex can be used with or without the handrail. Remove the handrail for 360° access around the platform.
  • The extensive programming with the Core-Tex can be used for stand alone classes with the Core-Tex or to complement other popular tools.
  • The dynamic nature of the Core-Tex will immediately grab the attention of your members making them want to fill your classes.
  • From dynamic warm-ups to completely unique metabolic moves, the Core-Tex is changing the way equipment is used in the group environment.
  • The Core-Tex is supported by scientifically based programming developed by inventor Anthony Carey, an internationally recognized fitness educator and PFP Magazine’s 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year.
  • The Core-Tex offers a fun cutting edge workout to members that will increase participation and revenue for facilities.
  • Options can include each participant using their own Core-Tex or two participants sharing a unit.
  • Recreate many familiar ground based exercises on the Core-Tex and make them better.
  • The Core-Tex provides versatile training Templates: Reactive Core, Reactive Strength, Reactive Mobility, Reactive Metabolic Training, etc…

Additional Information

The Core-Tex is Safe
  • Quality and durable, well constructed design - sturdy base of ABS plastic
  • A secure non-slip rubber surface on platform
  • Adjustable height steel handrail is powder-coated for durability and has a foam-rubber handrail grip for added comfort
  • Has a quick learning curve
  • To discourage use outside of class environment, simply turn platform upside down

Want to Learn More?

Read the independent scientific study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE): What Are the Acute and Chronic Responses to Exercise with the Core-Tex? published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Research in Exercise Physiology (March 2020)