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Sports Performance

Maximize Athletic Performance

If multimillion dollar athletes and world champions trust the Core-Tex to prepare their bodies, shouldn’t you?

Olympic Training Centers, NFL teams, MLB teams, NBA team, Premier League teams, MMA champions and Navy Seals are all taking their training to another level with the Core-Tex . For any athlete it is all about maximizing performance, reducing the risk of injury and developing a competitive advantage. These principles apply to all sports and are used to increase athletic performance:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Change of Direction
  • Power
  • Explosion
  • Reaction and Strength 

Core-Tex Performance

Powerful Performance

The patented motion of the Core-Tex combines the unique physical demands of multiple sports into ONE amazing product.

Whether you are looking to take your sport specific training to another level or just want an unbelievable workout, you can do it on the Core-Tex.

Anything that you can do on the ground or another unstable surface, you can do with superior results on the Core-Tex . Make Core-Tex part of your training regime to maximize your performance.

Core-Tex Performance diagram

What Our Clients Say

The athletes I work with need to be one step ahead of the competition. The Core-Tex is my weapon of choice to push my athletes to be the best they can be. The Core-Tex is unparalleled by any other piece of equipment for balance, mobility, stability, dynamic stretching and core work. Nothing else moves and works like the Core-Tex . Adding Core-Tex work to any program WILL increase athletic performance!

Kenny Johnson

Premiere MMA Wrestling Coach

Bolt Wrestling

This unique performance and rehab tool has become a fixture in our total approach to athlete conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation. My only regret is that I did not focus my attention on this product long ago and mainstream it into our programming. Now that I have taken the time to experience and understand its benefits, it has become a permanent training tool in our arsenal. Anecdotally, working for a brief period of time on the Core-Tex opened my hips and created mobility that I have not felt for years. It was a 'freedom of movement' that I can say 'felt liquid.' To be able to create mobility with stability, and reactive movement with unlimited variability in movement options, as well as place positive stress on tissue and joints, all in a dynamic environment where the challenge can be progressed or regressed, creates a 'must have' for my training and conditioning needs.

Douglas S. Brooks M.S., Exercise Physiologist

Director of Athlete Conditioning

Sugar Bowl Ski Academy