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“Stillness” is the enemy of biology. Our bodies were designed for movement, not prolonged, uninterrupted sitting. Yet, one of the primary solutions to the problem of people spending so much time being sedentary has been to make the sitting experience as artificial as possible, enabling longer and longer sitting durations.
As much as we'd like to think you spend the better part of your day standing up, let's not pretend. You're probably sitting down as you read this, and that could be a big problem, especially if you play golf. Prolonged, chronic sitting is linked to so many health issues, we could spend the next few paragraphs listing them like it's a pharmaceutical-company commercial.

Hours of intense gaming can lead to discomfort, poor posture, and lower back pain. But what if we told you that there's a revolutionary solution to these problems that not only provides relief but also strengthens your core while sitting? Meet Core-Tex Sit, the innovative product from Core-Tex that's set to transform the way gamers experience their seated gameplay.

On this episode, host Fraser Quelch is joined by Anthony Carey, who is the Founder of Reactive Training. Anthony discusses the power of specialisation in the fitness industry, learnings of bringing a product to market, and some of the key elements to his approach on the science of pain and pain management.

Becoming the 1% Podcast is all about having conversations with professionals in their unique fields and learn together. Anthony is the creator of the Core-Tex and we have a great conversation about his product along with recovery, training with elderly and his career. 

The global health and wellness market is worth more than 1.5 trillion dollars. So many people are looking to improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. At the same time, so many people are needed to help provide these services. What does it take to create a highly successful career in the health and wellness industry?