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Core-Tex® Reactive Trainer

Core-Tex is an entirely new environment to enhance human movement. Its patented ability to simultaneously tilt, translate, and freely rotate 360° is your secret weapon to unlocking your body's full potential:

  • Razor Sharp Reaction
  • Explosive Speed
  • Dynamic Strength
  • Flexibility & Agility
  • Injury Recovery and Prevention
Color: Glossy Black
Handrail Option: Single Handrail
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Trusted By Professional Athletes And Trainers Everywhere

Maximize Every Workout

Reactive Training is scientifically proven to enhance performance gains and decrease risk of injury in athletes of all ages and abilities.

The continuous variability provided by Core-Tex creates an ongoing need for the body to respond to dynamic motion that is always engaging and never the same.

Patented Motion

Core-Tex is cradled within a base that contains high-efficiency ball transfers oriented to support the convex underside of the platform. This patented design creates the unique movements only available on the Core-Tex.

The 360-degree tilt, swivel, and rotation creates endless movement options.

On-Demand Video Guides

From learning the basics to advanced sports performance, the Core-Tex video library covers a giant range of topics:

Core Exercises
Mobility & Balance
Dynamic Strength
Golf Mobility
Metabolic Conditioning
Senior Fitness
Therapy & Rehabilitation

And Many, Many More!

Clint Irwin from the Colorado Rapids soccer team

“I love the product. It keeps me limber and mobile, which makes me feel better and play better. I use it multiple times a week. And can't recommend it highly enough. I follow you on Instagram to check out new variations and exercises to keep things fresh.”

Colorado Rapids Goalie


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