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Core-Tex® Reactive Trainer

ONE DEVICE, ENDLESS OPTIONS. As the world leader in reactive training, Core-Tex provides a patented training environment not found with any other piece of equipment:

  • Enhance speed, power, balance, and reaction time in a dynamically responsive environment
  • Rehab injuries quicker and improve range of motion  
  • Durable enough for NFL training rooms
  • Over 100 exercise video guides to keep workouts fresh 
  • Feel what makes Core-Tex the world's #1 reactive trainer as soon as you step on the platform


Color: Glossy Black
Handrail Option: Single Handrail

Trusted By Professional Athletes And Trainers Everywhere

Clint Irwin from the Colorado Rapids soccer team

“I love the product. It keeps me limber and mobile, which makes me feel better and play better. I use it multiple times a week and can't recommend it highly enough. There's always new variations and exercises to keep things fresh.”

Major League Soccer Goalkeeper

Maximize Every Workout

Reactive Training is scientifically proven to enhance performance gains and decrease risk of injury in athletes of all ages and abilities.

The continuous variability provided by Core-Tex creates an ongoing need for the body to respond to dynamic motion that is always engaging and never the same.

On-Demand Video Guides

From learning the basics to advanced sports performance, the Core-Tex video library shows you how to get the most out of every workout:

Patented Motion

Core-Tex is cradled within a base that contains high-efficiency ball transfers oriented to support the convex underside of the platform. This patented design creates the unique movements only available on the Core-Tex.

The 360-degree tilt, swivel, and rotation creates endless movement options.


Frequently Asked Questions

Reactive training is training that unconsciously challenges and coordinates all the necessary systems in the body responsible for efficient movement. The Core-Tex does this by creating an environment that maximizes the body's options along multiple vectors available only on the Core-Tex . The continuous ''pitch and catch'' between the body and the Core-Tex will help maximize performance, prevent and/or rehabilitate injury and take full advantage of your movement potential.

Core-Tex has many exercises and applications that can be extremely beneficial to people of all abilities. The programming of exercises for the Core-Tex can be designed to benefit anyone. Core-Tex is widely used in the physical therapy and rehabilitative community.

The handrails easily connect with snap push buttons. There are no tools necessary. Just drop the ball transfers into the provided receptacles, place the dome on top and you are ready to go. Assembly should be less than 5 minutes, and we'll give you a simple instruction guide to help.

The maximum recommended weight limit is 350 lbs.

Very simple but routine maintenance will keep your Core-Tex moving smoothly, extend the life of your ball transfers, dome and minimize the sound produced. Frequency depends on usage, but usually once a month will do. See our maintenance video guide for more information.

The Core-Tex RT weighs 55 pounds and the Core-Tex Dual weighs 67 pounds. The platform is 30 inches in diameter and the assembled unit is 7 inches in height and is mobile enough to carry or transport.

When not in use, Core-Tex can easily be stored in space saving fashion. Just detach handrail from base. Place handrail against a wall, stand the base up in between the handrails vertical bars, and lean the dome against the base.

Recommended By The World's Leading Trainers and Physical Therapists

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