Your Dream Home Gym in One Piece of Equipment

Dynamic Strength
Agility & Flexibility
Razor Sharp Reaction 
Cardio & Endurance
Balance Training
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Like no other workout.

The patented Core-Tex Reactive Trainer is the only device that combines dynamic strength, cardiovascular endurance, razor sharp reaction, flexibility and balance into ONE design, creating the optimal home training environment.

The choice of fitness pros everywhere, now in your living room.

Featured on 'Sweat Inc.' with Jillian Michaels

Inventor Anthony Carey competed with Core-Tex on Spike TV’s competition show Sweat Inc. and Core-Tex won the category!

Watch as Jillian Michaels experiences Reactive Variability for the first time. Spoiler alert: she's amazed!

Clint Irwin, Colorado Rapids Goalie

“I love the product. It keeps me limber and mobile, which makes me feel better and play better. I use it multiple times a week. And can't recommend it highly enough. I follow you on Instagram to check out new variations and exercises to keep things fresh.”

Lt Col Tony Tillman, USAF, Ret.

"As a former strategic airlift pilot, I would spend over seven hours a day sitting in the cockpit during our global air missions.  It was critical for me to find an exercise program that would alleviate my chronic lower back discomfort and overall body stiffness.  Once I was introduced to the Core-Tex, I immediately realized that this piece of equipment is truly something special.  The unique hip mobility and core work was far superior to my functional stretches and exercises. My workouts are now dynamic, fun, and inspiring.  The Core-Tex’s challenging movements alleviated my core and hip flexor stiffness that was the source of my lower back pain.  With the amount of hours we spend sitting, Core-Tex should be a fixture in every fitness program."

The Simple Way to Boost Your Home Workouts

No matter what equipment you have on hand, Core-Tex is the new foundation of your home gym. Core-Tex brings new challenges and greatly expands the range of your fitness options. It also stores easily with a small footprint when space is tight.


No bigger than the average ottoman

Nothing to anchor, bolt or tie down

Easily move from one room to another

Use indoors our outside

Store against the wall in less than 8"

Plays well with your dumbbells, kettlebells, bands and med balls

Available Dual Handrail Option

Core-Tex RT Dual provides additional stability and is a great choice for users of all levels and abilities, including athletes performing rehabilitation activities. 

Which Model Is Right For You?