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Sports Performance

Group Fitness

Therapy & Rehabilitation

Core-Tex RT is used in:
  • Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Athletic Training Facilities
  • Training Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Private Studios
  • Health Clubs & Gyms
  • Corporate Wellness

Don't Let Sitting Ruin Your Back.

Core-Tex Sit saves your lower back by creating a variable sitting environment. It takes stress off the lower back and strengthens the core. 

The patented motion allows for a controlled, dynamic sitting experience that provides benefits to the lower back, hips, core and pelvic floor.

Patented Reactive Variability

Much more than just "anti-slouching" or core work, Core-Tex Sit creates a variable sitting environment that dissipates stress on muscles and joints with subtle changes in position. 

●  Simple To Use
●  Works Anywhere
●  Ultra Portable & Durable
●  No Assembly Required
●  Video Instruction & Exercise Library 

Working from Home?

Core-Tex Sit provides relief from lower back pain and helps prevent low back injuries. You'll benefit from improved focus while working without the distraction of persistent back pain,

Endorsed By Leading Doctors & Physical Therapists

Dr. Elizabeth Leeds, PT, DPT discusses how her patients have benefitted from therapies using Core-Tex Sit.

Incontinence Treatment

Core-Tex Sit targets the unique challenge of addressing the deep, intrinsic muscles of the pelvic floor affecting the health and quality of life issues of postpartum mothers and seniors associated with incontinence.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Sitting doesn't have to be an occupational hazard. Core-Tex Sit is a simple and highly-cost effective solution.

● Reduce health-based absenteeism
● Reduce health risks and burnout
● Reduce health care costs and workers comp claims
●  Increase productivity
●  Increase retention and workplace satisfaction

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Core-Tex Sit

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Let's Make Sitting Productive

  • Provides relief from lower back pain and helps prevent low back injuries.
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles and lower back while sitting. 
  • Great for posture and improved focus while working.
  • Easy to use: Simply place Core-Tex Sit on your favorite chair or the floor and sit on it. Use it at home, at your workspace, or in front of the TV. 
  • Highly Portable: Take it with you anywhere. No assembly or maintenance required.