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Core-Tex Split Squat Progressions

The Split Squat is a foundational exercise for single leg training. With the hips uncoupled, it sets the stage for independent limb work and often shines a light on imbalances and deficits between the two sides of the body.

We are fortunate to have Coach Mike Guevara offer up some progressions for the rear foot elevated version of the Split Squat with Core-Tex. Having the rear foot elevated ensures that weight transfer to the front leg on Core-Tex.

Using Core-Tex allows Coach Mike to play with transverse plane motion of Core-Tex as part of the base movement.

Coach Mike G's traveled the world as the performance coach for Victoria Azarenka as she captured 51 weeks of a world #1 ranking and two Australian Open Titles among many other career accomplishments. He has also helped Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans as his full-time performance coach and has since then worked with multiple NBA athletes including Anthony Davis, Jahlil Okafor, Mike James, and Rajon Rondo.