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Core-Tex Trainer for Your Home Gym: Check All of the Fitness Boxes

Is the Core-Tex trainer a piece of exercise equipment?

Or is it an exercise environment?

Or is it a workout partner?

The answer is “yes” to all 3.

The shift to the home gym workout in the home or garage has been fast and furious.

With the closures of gyms and workout studios across the country, the desire to keep the workout fresh, engaging and effective for core training, strengthening and fat burning at home has become a huge priority. Home gym training equipment with the smallest footprint is now more important than ever! As fall and winter approach, many who relied on taking advantage of the outdoors may see that option become less available and less desirable.

If you are one of the 60% or more gym members who are not ready to go back for a while, check out the video below and read on to find the value of incorporating a piece of gym equipment that will meet your fitness needs and goals. You need a safe and effective training tool for your hard-core workout days, your cardio workouts, your mobility training, and your restorative core strength building.

Besides the community and motivation, we get from the gym, we also get access to a wide variety of training equipment and programming. Working with a personal trainer opens even more possibilities as they draw on their knowledge and experience to provide your body the variability in movements it needs to thrive and grow stronger.

If you can’t afford a home gym the likes of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, you are probably going to want to get the maximum amount of value out of the fewest number of pieces, taking up the least amount of space in your workout area.

Number one, you will want to be clear on your goals BUT you will also want to consider a broader definition of strength and core building fitness. Perhaps you want to lose weight or get stronger. They are valid and important goals, but they alone do not address the other components of fitness. The American College of Sports Medicine identifies cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and neuromotor fitness (balance and agility) as the primary components of any fitness program. The Core-Tex Trainer has been scientifically proven to meet all of these components with one piece of gym equipment!

Although all of these components can be improved upon without any equipment, even the most seasoned fitness professionals love their “toys”.  Why?  Because the right training tool can make any aspect of fitness more productive and fun.  Sure, if you are traveling and stuck in hotel room with no gym, you can bust out an effective workout (if you know what you are doing).  But the fun and challenge of a functional and versatile piece of portable gym equipment cannot be overstated. 

With the right equipment like Core-Tex Trainer, you can have what we refer to as “blue ocean programming”.  That means the fitness applications are almost limitless for your exercise needs.  In contrast, consider something like a Peloton bike.  Although this is a great product and technology, it only has one application and can be an expensive choice with limited abilities.  Whenever you can, tick as many boxes as possible for your exercise needs both now and in the future. 

Besides versatility and physical engagement, what else is important for most your home gym?

Here are some tips and top considerations when choosing a home gym or work out trainer:

  1. Smallest footprint-a piece of gym equipment that does not max out your available space and leaves room for more if you want it.
  2. Low maintenance-minimal pieces that can break or must be regularly maintained. You should get hundreds of hours out of it without worrying about breakage or complicated upkeep.
  3. Online training help-access to simple video tutorials and inspiring exercise ideas from the company’s website and social media pages.
  4. Easily transportable- Ability to easily move your workout tool from one area to another within the home or garage, or even pack up in the trunk of the car and take to the park or stimulating location for a good workout.

If you are just starting out and search for the right training tool, some dumbbells, or kettlebells and a Core-Tex trainer will provide you with all your home gym needs.  You will get the fast and noticeable physical results and have fun working out. Check out the video below and make the best choice for your home gym needs.

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Does it look, feel, and remind you of the task? Does it pass the “smell test”? In other words, is it clearly transferable to the sport or activity you are training for? Not every exercise has to look like a golf swing or pickleball overhead, but there is a need to train the way you play. This is often the dilemma with the application of core training to rotational athletes.

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You’re about to get detailed insight into an incredibly unique piece of equipment that is basically a Swiss Army Knife for optimizing numerous aspects of human movement.

It’s known as the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer. I bought it a few months ago and have been putting it through its paces, and…let’s just say it offers some very unique features we need to talk about.

As a physical therapist and strength & conditioning specialist who is obnoxiously passionate about helping patients and athletes overcome injuries and maximize their physical performance, I’m always on the hunt for equipment that can make a difference in their lives.

We often see our Core-Tex family assume upright balance training on Core-Tex goes from two hands on the handrail to hands free and no use of the handrail.  In other words, going from the most help to the least help. This may lead to a misinterpretation of Core-Tex being "too advanced" and a missed opportunity to scale your balance progressions in a way that allows the user to be successful.