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Core-Tex Instagram Highlights

You are going to love the variety of movements demonstrated here by some of the biggest champions in the Reactive Training Community. We are grateful for everyone's support and creativity!

Get inspired by the applications and execution demonstrated by so many of you in the #coretexfitness community.  Please keep them coming! 🙏

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who appeared in the video: 














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Using both "known" foot strengthening exercises and exercises only available to Core-Tex, users can benefit from the patented motion to build foot strength and stability.

With all of the variable motion available with Core-Tex, the joints of the foot and toes and the intrinsic muscles of the foot are exposed to positions and demands that optimize foot stability and function. 

Aaron Snyder, Doctor of Physical Therapy shares early, intermediate and advanced Core-Tex applications for rehabilitating the knee. Two exercises for each stage of knee recovery are provided. 
The lateral myofascial line/chain/train consists of muscles and tissue that are primarily in the frontal plane but have functions in the other planes as well. Using the transverse plane motion of Core-Tex, we take advantage of the transverse plane AND other vectors using the patented motion of Core-Tex to create mobility in this tissue from top to bottom.