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Big 12 Golf Swing Characteristic C Posture-Titleist Performance Institute

Postural issues can negatively impact movement mechanics and add stress to structures on the body.  Rotational sports like golf and tennis can be particularly impacted by a posturally flexed spine. 

The C Posture, as classified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), is one of the more common golf swing characteristics that can detrimentally impact the golf swing. Watch TPI Level 3 instructor, Ken Miller demonstrate 3 profoundly impactful exercises using Core-Tex. These moves will immediately improve the mobility and stability compromised by the C Posture.

The patented motion of Core-Tex adds benefits to the golf swing and golf fitness drills that you can't get from any other product. 

Are you TPI Certified?  Reactive Training is part of the TPI Alliance and TPI Certified members have a special discount code available on the Titleist membership site.

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Core-Tex and Core-Tex Sit inventor Anthony Carey had the pleasure and privilege of sharing a great deal of his accomplished fitness career with the listeners from NASM.  How and why Core-Tex and Core-Tex Sit came to be. 
Does it look, feel, and remind you of the task? Does it pass the “smell test”? In other words, is it clearly transferable to the sport or activity you are training for? Not every exercise has to look like a golf swing or pickleball overhead, but there is a need to train the way you play. This is often the dilemma with the application of core training to rotational athletes.

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You’re about to get detailed insight into an incredibly unique piece of equipment that is basically a Swiss Army Knife for optimizing numerous aspects of human movement.

It’s known as the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer. I bought it a few months ago and have been putting it through its paces, and…let’s just say it offers some very unique features we need to talk about.

As a physical therapist and strength & conditioning specialist who is obnoxiously passionate about helping patients and athletes overcome injuries and maximize their physical performance, I’m always on the hunt for equipment that can make a difference in their lives.