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Big 12 Golf Swing Characteristic C Posture-Titleist Performance Institute

Postural issues can negatively impact movement mechanics and add stress to structures on the body.  Rotational sports like golf and tennis can be particularly impacted by a posturally flexed spine. 

The C Posture, as classified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), is one of the more common golf swing characteristics that can detrimentally impact the golf swing. Watch TPI Level 3 instructor, Ken Miller demonstrate 3 profoundly impactful exercises using Core-Tex. These moves will immediately improve the mobility and stability compromised by the C Posture.

The patented motion of Core-Tex adds benefits to the golf swing and golf fitness drills that you can't get from any other product. 

Are you TPI Certified?  Reactive Training is part of the TPI Alliance and TPI Certified members have a special discount code available on the Titleist membership site.

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Aaron Snyder, Doctor of Physical Therapy shares early, intermediate and advanced Core-Tex applications for rehabilitating the knee. Two exercises for each stage of knee recovery are provided. 
The lateral myofascial line/chain/train consists of muscles and tissue that are primarily in the frontal plane but have functions in the other planes as well. Using the transverse plane motion of Core-Tex, we take advantage of the transverse plane AND other vectors using the patented motion of Core-Tex to create mobility in this tissue from top to bottom.
The motion of Core-Tex provides unique and specialized advantages for users of all ages and objectives. In this sample mash-up, you will see active aging Core-Tex users applying in need of hip rehab, shoulder mobility, ski fitness and so much more.