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Big 12 Golf Swing Characteristic C Posture-Titleist Performance Institute

Postural issues can negatively impact movement mechanics and add stress to structures on the body.  Rotational sports like golf and tennis can be particularly impacted by a posturally flexed spine. 

The C Posture, as classified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), is one of the more common golf swing characteristics that can detrimentally impact the golf swing. Watch TPI Level 3 instructor, Ken Miller demonstrate 3 profoundly impactful exercises using Core-Tex. These moves will immediately improve the mobility and stability compromised by the C Posture.

The patented motion of Core-Tex adds benefits to the golf swing and golf fitness drills that you can't get from any other product. 

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We often see our Core-Tex family assume upright balance training on Core-Tex goes from two hands on the handrail to hands free and no use of the handrail.  In other words, going from the most help to the least help. This may lead to a misinterpretation of Core-Tex being "too advanced" and a missed opportunity to scale your balance progressions in a way that allows the user to be successful.
Core-Tex plays well with others.  With the increased interest and research around dual tasking of cognitive exercises plus motor challenges, Core-Tex is emerging as a clinical favorite for many reasons:
The study we are sharing with you in this post looked at strength training of 58 older women and 6 males under age 70 .  The comparison was strength training with vs. without the use of unstable surfaces.