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Core-Tex "Pinning" for Regressions and Lateralizations

Use the "pinning" of Core-Tex against the inner ring, to open up an entirely new set of strategic options for the needs of patients, clients and beginners. Pinning Core-Tex in either the sagittal or frontal plane, can improve user confidence as well as present an environment to further your rehab or fitness goals.

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Aaron Snyder, Doctor of Physical Therapy shares early, intermediate and advanced Core-Tex applications for rehabilitating the knee. Two exercises for each stage of knee recovery are provided. 
The lateral myofascial line/chain/train consists of muscles and tissue that are primarily in the frontal plane but have functions in the other planes as well. Using the transverse plane motion of Core-Tex, we take advantage of the transverse plane AND other vectors using the patented motion of Core-Tex to create mobility in this tissue from top to bottom.
The motion of Core-Tex provides unique and specialized advantages for users of all ages and objectives. In this sample mash-up, you will see active aging Core-Tex users applying in need of hip rehab, shoulder mobility, ski fitness and so much more.