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Reactive Training For Everyone

Principles of Reactive Variability Training

Athletes and clients of all ability levels can benefit from the completely unique and patented motion of the Core-Tex. The Core-Tex is successfully being used with everyone from seniors to our Olympic athletes at some of the most prestigious facilities around the world and in the comfort of your own home.

Clients will be motivated and appropriately challenged with the Core-Tex in all aspects of fitness. The trainer can optimize the client’s workout by systematically moving the client through all of the possible levels of progressions and regressions. Clients will love the way the Core-Tex engages their body to maximize their efforts, getting more done in less time. Its small footprint and zero maintenance make it ideal for every type of facility or home.

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Reactive Training Redefined

Reactive (adjective): Readily responsive to a stimulus.

Reactive Training: Training that challenges the body to successfully respond to imposed stimuli with minimal or no conscious thought for the purpose of:
1. Maintaining postural equilibrium 
2. Improving timing, coordination and force production of muscular contractions
3. Providing optimal joint stability. 

Reactive Variability: Applying the principles of Reactive Training to a continuously unpredictable environment.

Reactive training with the Core-Tex in fitness, rehab or performance produces an environment not available with other equipment. The patented design of the Core-Tex creates a simultaneous tilt, translation and rotation all at the same time. The continued unpredictability of the motion of the platform provides an almost infinite number of combinations of motions that elicit a necessary reflexive response by the body. This response reactively trains the proprioceptive system to be more accurate in its calculations of the input and trains the neuro-muscular system to be more efficient in its responses.


  • Work muscle groups from angles and directions that only the Core-Tex can, creating a complete workout = authentic variability.
  • Functionally integrate the body’s core through a full spectrum of available movements.
  • Provide an “environment” for exponential applications of balance, strength, stability and mobility.
  • Unconsciously make the body respond with faster and more powerful muscle contraction to be strong, stable and mobile with the smoothness and sensitivity of the motion.
  • Create an almost infinite number of combination movements, so that no two workouts are ever the same.
  • Instantly engage your members and clients with the “fun factor” the Core-Tex creates.
  • Effectively target common sites of concern for the female user (glutes, abs and thighs) by challenging those muscle groups in completely new and superior ways
  • Recreate many familiar ground based exercises on the Core-Tex and make them better.
  • Introduce a dynamic element to static exercises to burn more calories and work the muscles in multiple ways.

Always Engaging. Never The Same.

You use more muscle activity when doing the same movement on the Core-Tex versus doing the same exercise on the floor, that means more calories burned. For example, if you stand on the Core-Tex and perform a woodchop with a medicine ball, this will create a weight shift and therefore motion of the Core-Tex platform. Each and every repetition will change the joint angle and the muscular recruitment. As the base tilts, translates and rotates, the lower extremities react, creating motion at the hips and pelvis, the thoracic spine laterally flexes and rotates and the shoulder girdle position changes - effecting each and every repetition differently. The loads lifted will not be as much as on solid ground, but the muscular recruitment will be much more varied.

Man combing medicine ball workout with the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer

Optimal Training Environment

The Core-Tex combines razor sharp reaction, metabolic demand, dynamic strength, balance and flexibility into ONE design, creating the optimal training environment. From multi-directional mobility exercises to the most advanced reactive explosive strength, the Core-Tex will appeal to everyone.

The Core-Tex is the only piece of equipment that will allow you to challenge the body front to back, side to side and with rotation - all at the same time. This challenges the muscles in new ways giving the body a better overall workout.

The body reacts and responds for an amazing workout that is always engaging and never the same. The Core-Tex was specifically designed to provide a multi-dimensional reactive training challenge.

It is the ONLY product on market that tilts, translates, and rotates in an unrestricted 360 degrees, which means that the combination of these three movements allows for an almost infinite number of combinations of movements. The 30" diameter platform is large enough to accommodate various user positions that include standing, sitting, kneeling, quadruped (plus hands-on-floor option), supine or combined with a ground based limb. 

Want to Learn More?

Read the independent scientific study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE): What Are the Acute and Chronic Responses to Exercise with the Core-Tex? published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Research in Exercise Physiology (March 2020)