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The Anatomy Behind Core-Tex Mobility Magic

If we truly understand and appreciate the architecture of our soft tissue, it is easy to see why the mobility applications of Core-Tex are superior to other interventions.  In this clip from our mobility webinar, Core-Tex inventor and international educator, Anthony Carey shares some insight into how our tissues (muscle and connective) are arranged.  He also shares some of the limitations of so many mobility techniques that only provide short term benefit or are incomplete when addressing the multidimensional characteristics of our tissues. 

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The motion of Core-Tex provides unique and specialized advantages for users of all ages and objectives. In this sample mash-up, you will see active aging Core-Tex users applying in need of hip rehab, shoulder mobility, ski fitness and so much more.
The S Posture, as classified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), is one of the more common golf swing characteristics that can potentially lead to lower back pain.