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PFP Exercise of the Week: Thoracic Mobility

Consider this: You cannot address thoracic mobility the same way you address hip, or shoulder or ankle mobility. The hip, shoulder and ankle are individual joints. The thoracic spine is major body segment with multiple joints involved as well as the neurologically sensitive diaphragm. There are better strategies.

Unlocking thoracic mobility has functional benefits to the structures above and below the thoracic spine. The shoulders and neck above and the lower back below, will immediately benefit from healthy thoracic motion.

Attempting to improve thoracic rotation by forcing the body into a stressful, maximal end range is counter to what our nervous system interprets as safe. Using the smooth, rhythmical motion of Core-Tex, we employ an "ask don't tell" strategy that produces immediate results.

Try these 3-dimensional Core-Tex progressions that feel amazing and achieve thoracic mobility improvements in just minutes AND get the special discount we have this week just for PFP subscribers!

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