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Core-Tex Hip Mobility for the External Rotators

Here are 5 progressions with Core-Tex to hit the tissue of the posterior hip along multiple vectors like only Core-Tex can.  Each of these variations of the popular "Figure Four" stretch has its own benefits and can be suitable for users of all abilities.  

Limited mobility of the glutes and deep external rotators of the hip can be associated with lower back stress and even sciatic pain. Single plane approaches don't address the multiple vectors of tissue that acts on this area of the hip.

Whether you are a rotational athlete of want to ease stress on your hip getting out of the car, these applications are for you!

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Use the "pinning" of Core-Tex against the inner ring, opens up an entirely new set of strategic options for the needs of patients, clients and beginners. 
The C Posture, as classified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), is one of the more common golf swing characteristics the detrimentally impact the golf swing. Watch TPI Level 3 instructor, Ken Miller demonstrate 3 profoundly impactful exercises using Core-Tex. 
Paul Edmondson, Core-Tex Master Trainer and Gray Institute faculty uses the principles of function and patented motion of Core-Tex to introduce a very effective strategy for cervical spine rotation.