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Golf Digest: If sitting is the new smoking, think of this product as your nicotine gum

Golf Digest: If sitting is the new smoking, think of this product as your nicotine gum

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As much as we'd like to think you spend the better part of your day standing up, let's not pretend. You're probably sitting down as you read this, and that could be a big problem, especially if you play golf. Prolonged, chronic sitting is linked to so many health issues, we could spend the next few paragraphs listing them like it's a pharmaceutical-company commercial.

But let's boil it down to the most near-and-dear for golfers—it can lead to a golf season missed. Low-back pain, vascular issues, aching joints from excessive weight gain, it's all on the table if you're a golfer who spends a good bit of time seated.

So what can you do about it? Well, standing up more should be obvious. But we realize that's not always practical. That's why you might consider a relatively new product from Core-Tex. It's called the Core-Tex Sit, and it's a way to reduce stress on the lower back, improve spine health and strengthen the core and pelvic-floor muscles.

On the positive side, you don't have to sit on it all day. Short stints periodically are very beneficial to countering the negative effects of prolonged sitting. On the negative side, the product is meant to be used on a firm chair. (Although it can be used on an office chair. It's just not as effective.) Also, the top disc has padding, but it's firm. You feel as if you're sitting on hard plastic.

"You’ll notice that your butt gets accustomed to the firmness, although the idea is not to be a total sitting surface uninterrupted throughout the day," says Anthony Carey, CEO and founder of Core-Tex. "The convex surface on top provides some distinct advantages over a squishy or conforming surface in its positioning of the 'sit' bones and coccyx."

You can purchase the Core-Tex Sit for $120 plus shipping at They also have a Reactive Trainer that allows you to exercise while challenging your stability.