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Movement is life. We make movement better. We make life better.

Just like you, Core-Tex and Core-Tex Sit inventor Anthony Carey is an ACE certified professional. As a fellow ACE pro, Anthony wants to make the benefits of our Reactive Training products available to ACE pros and their valued clients at very special pricing.

Anthony has been involved with ACE in many capacities for over 20 years and is excited to continue the relationship with Reactive Training.

Do you have questions on how your clients can benefit from Core-Tex or Core-Tex Sit? You can email Anthony directly and he will personally respond:

Core-Tex Reactive Trainer

Core-Tex is an entirely new environment to enhance human movement. Its patented ability to simultaneously tilt, translate, and freely rotate 360° is your secret weapon to help your clients reach their full potential.

  • Regular Price: $639
  • ACE Partner Price: $543.15
  • You Save: $95.85

Core-Tex RT Dual

The second handrail provides additional support for novice, rehabilitating or senior users as well as providing external stability for single-leg and advanced movements. The handrail also creates a fixed anchor to influence the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle when creating motion from the bottom up.

  • Regular Price: $699
  • ACE Partner Price: $594.15
  • You Save: $104.85

Core-Tex Sit

Much more than just "anti-slouching" or core work, Core-Tex Sit creates a variable sitting environment that dissipates stress on muscles and joints with subtle changes in position.

  • Regular Price: $119
  • ACE Partner Price: $101.15
  • You Save: $17.85