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The New & Improved Core-Tex Reactive Trainer

The ONLY reactive training device that combines dynamic strength, cardiovascular endurance, razor sharp reaction, flexibility and balance into ONE design, creating the optimal training environment. The newly designed Core-Tex® features:
  • Completely redesigned heavy duty base and handrail
  • Significantly quieter
  • New platform design for evaluation and coaching tools
  • Option to add a second handrail for rehab and special populations
  • New retail price of $449 - that’s $200 off our previous retail price


The Core-Tex® is specifically designed to provide a multi-dimensional reactive training challenge. The patented design of the Core-Tex® allows the base to move like no other training environment. It is the ONLY product on the market that simultaneously tilts, slides, and rotates in an unrestricted 360 degrees, which means that the blend of these three movements allows for an almost infinite number of combinations of movements.

The Core-Tex® creates an environment that is proprioceptively rich, constantly providing variability to the muscles, nervous system and joints. Training on the Core-Tex® causes reactive variability, meaning every exercise repetition is different, thereby reducing stress on the joints, continually requiring the nervous system to coordinate new movements and increasing muscle activation. The results? Your body achieves more in a shorter amount of time, gets smarter with less stress and stays fully engaged.

The applications of the Core-Tex®  are exciting and the benefits exponential over other devices