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Ultimate Reactive Training Bundle

Option: RT + Sit Bundle

The ultimate Reactive Training combination.

Maximize and multiply your results with core engagement throughout training sessions and while sitting to work or even while watching TV. 

Added engagement both physically and mentally requires your body to expend more energy, which means burning more calories! It also means your muscles are challenged in new and different ways, leading to strength gains without beating the body up with repetitive movements.

Now you can take many of your favorite Reactive Training exercises on the go. Unstable push-ups, bridges, planks, and single leg extensions can be done on the easily transportable Core-Tex Sit. 

Quickly reference 10 of our favorite Core-Tex exercises with our durable, laminated exercise card that can be easily attached to your Core-Tex handrail.

Sorry, Bundle not eligible for GovX or other discount offers because it is already an amazing deal!