Core-Tex Product Details


The Core-Tex is a reactive training device that combines dynamic strength, cardiovascular endurance, razor sharp reaction, flexibilty and balance into ONE design, creating the optimal training environment. The newly designed Core-Tex features:

  • Completely redesigned heavy duty base and handrail
  • Significantly quieter
  • New platform design for evaluation and coaching tools
  • Option to add a second handrail for rehab and special populations

The Core-Tex is specifically designed to provide a multi-dimensional reactive training challenge. The patented design of the Core-Tex allows the base to move like no other training environment. It is the ONLY product on the market that simultaneously tilts, slides, and rotates in an unrestricted 360°, which means that the blend of these three movements allows for an almost infinite number of combinations of movements.

The Core-Tex creates an environment that is proprioceptively rich, constantly providing variability to the muscles, nervous system and joints. Training on the Core-Tex causes reactive variability, meaning every exercise repetition is different, thereby reducing stress on the joints, continually requiring the nervous system to coordinate new movements and increasing muscle activation. The results? Your body achieves more in a shorter amount of time, gets smarter with less stress and stays fully engaged.

The applications of the Core-Tex are exciting and the benefits exponential over other devices.

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  • Product Description

    The newly designed Core-Tex Reactive Training unit comes complete with the base, platform, 3 highly engineered ball transfers, 2 bumpers for center dow, and handrail with 3 height adjustments. Also included in the package is a DVD with safety instructions and multiple exercise suggestions.

    • Completely redesigned heavy duty base and handrail
    • Significantly quieter from previous design
    • Adjustable Handrail: Maximal height 46.5"; width 30"
    • Option to add a second handrail for rehab and special populations
    • New platform design for evaluation and coaching tools - platform face provides designated vectors for improved instructional cueing
    • Dish (platform): 30" in diameter - new padded platform provides comfort with sitting, kneeling and planking type exercises
    • Base: 24" in diameter; height 4.5"
    • Dish on top of base sits 7" high
    • Total weight single handrail: 56 lbs
    • Total weight dual handrail: 67 lbs

    The platform is constructed from durable ABS plastic and features a non-slip rubber surface and bumper for safety and security. The heavy duty steel base and safety handrail are powder-coated for durability. The handrail has a foam-rubber handrail grip for added comfort and is designed to fit precisely under the base so that the user's body weight anchors the handrail while the user is standing on the Core-Tex.

  • Additional Information

    Differentiation: The versatility of the Core-Tex

    • With a 30" diameter on the flat platform of the Core-Tex, you can do many things on the Core-Tex that you cannot do on other pieces of equipment. The unique design of the Core-Tex allows the dish to move along 3 ball transfers, ensuring continuous contact with the sources of motion. This creates an extremely smooth and responsive experience.

    • A central descending dowel limits the overall translation of the platform and prevents it from leaving the underlying base.

    • The handrail adjustable to three positions to accommodate users of different heights and provides needed support for novice, rehabilitating or senior users. The user’s weight holds the handrail in place and requires no tools or hardware to remove.

    • Remove the handrail and the user has full 360° access around the platform to the platform for various position and/or to work with a partner, coach or therapist.

  • Core-Tex reviews

    1. Hamdan
      - CEO National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)

      Core-Tex is awesome. I use it as an integral part of my own workouts three times a week. It helps my chronic low back pain stemming from a bicycle vs. car accident. Core-Tex is an important part of the MMA Conditioning Association curriculum. My organization always utilizes Anthony Carey's knowledge and technology when it comes to corrective exercise and balance. I highly recommend Core-Tex for all fitness pros and sports conditioning coaches.

    2. Hamdan
      - Girard Orthopedic Surgeons

      In my 32 years of PT practice, the Core-Tex is one of the few clinical devices that have proven to be a real breakthrough. It combines the capabilities of other products into a well-designed, “all-in-one” device. The Core-Tex enables the progress of my therapeutic exercise and balance treatments to new levels. Most importantly, it is both effective and fun for my patients of all ages. The platform allows me to perform joint mobilization, range of motion, assisted flexibility and stabilization techniques that were previously unavailable. The Core-Tex allows me to progress many of my patients through the rehabilitation process more rapidly because it challenges their functional and biomechanical issues in all planes of motion simultaneously. The Core-Tex consistently demonstrates its value for patients of all skill levels in returning to their previous levels of sports performance.

    3. Hamdan
      - Athletic Trainer, San Diego State University

      Since using the Core-Tex, I’ve seen marketed improvements with my athletes. My post operative Water Polo players have been more efficient and stronger when returning to the pool. The Core-Tex is challenging, adaptable, and fun for our patients and athletes. I incorporate it with every rehabilitation and maintance program I create.

    4. Hamdan
      - Fitness Personally Studio

      The Core-Tex is one of the most effective and challenging tools to come into our industry. It encourages the body to react through simply challenging the stabilizing mechanism with gentle, subtle movement. The level at which you can progress these movements is unlimited. It is a powerful tool that creates interaction of the entire body; from the toes to the nose. If you want to challenge the body in all facets, from strength to balance from the elite to the physically challenged this is the tool for you. Don’t wait get on the Core-Tex NOW!

Why the Core-Tex is Unique: Watch the patented motion of the Core-Tex from an entirely different perspective.

The platform is cradled within a base that contains ball transfers oriented on the same tangent as the convex underside of the platform. This patented design creates the unique movements only available on the Core-Tex. The continued variability provided by this design creates an ongoing need for the body to react and respond providing a user experience that is always engaging and never the same.