Don't Let Sitting Ruin Your Back

Core-Tex Sit saves your lower back by creating a variable sitting environment.

Watch Dr. Elizabeth Leeds, PT, DPT, explain the benefits of Core-Tex Sit:

Patented Reactive Variability

The patented motion allows for a controlled, dynamic sitting experience that provides benefits to the lower back, hips, core and pelvic floor.

Much more than just "anti-slouching" or core work, Core-Tex Sit dissipates stress on muscles and joints with subtle changes in position. 

●  Simple To Use
●  Works Anywhere
●  Ultra Portable & Durable
●  No Assembly Required
●  Free Video Instruction & Exercise Guides

Core-tex product dimensions with a weight of 3.5 LBS, 14 inch diameter, and 3 inch height

"Core-Tex Sit is the easiest and most convenient way I have found to loosen my lower back. It feels great and my core is working in ways it was never challenged before."

David Berganio, Jr.
PGA Tour Professional

Let's Make Sitting Productive