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Core-Tex® Reactive Trainer Black

The All-In-One Movement Environment To Meet Your Needs:

  • Dynamic Strength Training
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Razor Sharp Reaction
  • Cardio & Endurance
  • Balance & Agility
  • Free Video Library

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No bigger than the average ottoman

Nothing to anchor, bolt or tie down

Easily move from one room to another

Use indoors our outside

Store against the wall in less than 8"

• With a 30" diameter on the flat platform of the Core-Tex, you can do many things on the Core-Tex that you cannot do on other pieces of equipment. The unique design of the Core-Tex allows the dish to move along 3 ball transfers, ensuring continuous contact with the sources of motion. This creates an extremely smooth and responsive experience.

• A central descending dowel limits the overall translation of the platform and prevents it from leaving the underlying base.

• The handrail adjustable to three positions to accommodate users of different heights and provides needed support for novice, rehabilitating or senior users. The user’s weight holds the handrail in place and requires no tools or hardware to remove.

• Remove the handrail and the user has full 360° access around the platform to the platform for various position and/or to work with a partner, coach or therapist.

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Why Core-Tex RT is Unique

Watch the patented motion of the Core-Tex from an entirely different perspective.

The platform is cradled within a base that contains ball transfers oriented on the same tangent as the convex underside of the platform. This patented design creates the unique movements only available on the Core-Tex. The continued variability provided by this design creates an ongoing need for the body to react and respond providing a user experience that is always engaging and never the same.

Product Details

The platform is constructed from durable ABS plastic and features a non-slip rubber surface and bumper for safety and security. The heavy duty steel base and safety handrail are powder-coated for durability. The handrail has a foam-rubber handrail grip for added comfort and is designed to fit precisely into the base so that the user's body weight anchors the handrail while the user is standing on the Core-Tex.

The  Core-Tex Reactive Training unit comes complete with the base, platform with a center dow bumper, 3 highly engineered ball transfers, and handrail with 3 height adjustments. Also included in the package is an assembly and instruction manual. 

Learn More About Reactive Training

Athletes and clients of all ability levels can benefit from the completely unique and patented motion of the Core-Tex. The Core-Tex is successfully being used with everyone from seniors to our Olympic athletes at some of the most prestigious facilities around the world. Clients will be motivated and appropriately challenged with the Core-Tex in all aspects of fitness. The trainer can optimize the client’s workout by systematically moving the client through all of the possible levels of progressions and regressions. Clients will love the way the Core-Tex engages their body to maximize their efforts, getting more done in less time. Its small footprint and zero maintenance make it ideal for every type of facility.

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