Rehabilitation/Sports Medicine Benefits

Discover the Versatility of the Core-Tex

Reactive Neuromuscular Training & Rehabilitation

The Core-Tex is an entirely new environment to enhance human movement. Its patented ability to simultaneously tilt, translation, and rotate at 360° freely can be applied to all stages of the rehab and pre/post rehab continuum. Use the Core-Tex in combination with manual treatment and independently for optimizing function.

As a tool for rehabilitation and injury prevention, the Core-Tex provides the combined benefits of multiple pieces of equipment. It can be used to facilitate joint mobility and stability, challenge the patient's balance mechanisms in multiple ways and provide an environment for a variety of strengthening exercises challenging the body in novel ways. The Core-Tex assists the therapist in creating motions in the body that cannot be produced on any other piece of equipment. Integrating head movement, arm reaches, and weight shifts into the drills enables the clinician to design activities specific to the patient’s needs.

  • reactive leg extension

    The Core-Tex is designed to stimulate a high level of neurological balance and myofascial recruitment in order to provide users a stronger, faster, more coordinated performance.

    The 30" diameter platform is large enough to accommodate various user positions that include standing, sitting, kneeling, quadruped (plus hands-on-floor option), supine or combined with a ground based limb. The entire unit can easily be placed on a treatment table for shoulder girdle and upper extremity treatment options The integrated handrail provides the needed support for novice, rehabilitating or senior users as well as providing external stability for single-leg and advanced movements. The handrail also creates a fixed anchor to influence the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle when creating motion from the bottom up.

    • Functionally integrate the body's core through a full spectrum of available movements in the vertical, horizontal and side-lying positions.
    • Provide unique and advanced rehabilitation and performance movements for the upper/lower extremities and spine.
    • Functionally integrate the transverse plane with the unrestricted rotation of the Core-Tex .
    • Access a higher level of neuromuscular facilitation and integration.
    • Assist in actively mobilize joints in multiple planes through the motion of the Core-Tex .
    • Teach the patient to independently maximize soft tissue mobility along multiple vectors.
    • Evaluate weight distribution, balance and balance shifts during sport specific tasks.
    • Provide the necessary movement novelty for ongoing motor learning and advancement.
  • Being able to rotate through the thoracic spine and hips is an important aspect of optimal function and pain free existence. Many physical therapy patients have neck and shoulder pain driven by a lack of thoracic spine range of motion in rotation. Deficits in hip rotation produce undue wear and tear and eventually pain in the knees and lower back. The Core-Tex turns 360 degrees and allows us to teach transverse plane motions at the hips and thoracic spine in a fully functional upright, weight bearing position.

    The tri planar motion of the Core-Tex is an ideal environment to create challenging core and shoulder girdle stability activities.

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